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Infinitii Pty Ltd is an independent insurance brokerage that focuses on you. We are committed to finding solutions that specifically meet your needs.

As an independent broker we have access to a number of dynamic products and services which can be tailored to suit you. If we aren’t able to fulfil your needs, we will find you someone who can.

Insurance is something that we know we need, but do we even know what that means? All we know is that we need insurance for the future, for when something goes wrong.

What is insurance?

Insurance is a transfer of risk. When you do lose something that you have insured, you are covered by your policy.

There are two basic categories of insurance: Short term and long term insurance.

Long term insurance is insurance that covers life-changing events such as death, retirement and disability.

Long term insurance provides you with an income in the long term (retirement), or a lump sum of money in the event that you become permanently disabled or pass away.

Long term insurance policies include, amongst other things, life insurance, funeral insurance, retirement annuities and endowment policies.

Short-term insurance is insurance that you take out on your possessions.

The purpose of short term insurance is to protect you against loss that you may suffer as a result of unforeseen events such as accidents, crime, floods, fires or illness.

Short term insurance policies tend to cover things that you may change, for example vehicles, household items, cell-phones etc.
Short term insurance also covers liabilities which are becoming more prevalent as more people become aware of their legal rights.

Having adequate cover is essential.

Simply put, when a life (or anything related to a human being) is insured it is considered to be long term insurance. When it is any other item (ie not related to a human being) it is considered to be short term insurance.

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Infinitii Pty Ltd is an independent insurance brokerage that focuses on you.

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